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Peter is 58 years old. A few months ago he has started to notice a pain in what he calls “the stomach“. It began with a poorly defined discomfort, but now it’s a dull, continuous pain that lasts throughout the day, and is not relieved by antacids.

Can this abdominal pain be a sign that Peter has stomach cancer?

John is 52 years old. After a few months noticing discomfort in the upper abdomen, he has begun to have nausea and vomiting every time he eats a normal amount of food. Because of that, he is losing a lot of weight, and other people are noticing it.

These nausea and vomiting can be related to a stomach cancer?

Watch the full video in the stomach cancer page, and learn to distinguish all the symptoms of stomach cancer, so that if you or any of your relatives suffer from it, you can suspect it as soon as possible!

Let’s learn all about stomach cancer and its symptoms!

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