Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - Health YouTuber

Daniel Gonzalez, M.D. – Health YouTuber

Today YouTube® is the internet site of choice when it comes to watching videos. And health occupies an increasing place. So as I dedicate myself to uploading health videos to YouTube®, in modern terminology, that makes me a “health youtuber”.

What is being a health youtuber?

Agree. The platform is full of videos about the most absolute bullshit and crap. And these types of videos are very, very popular. There are people for everything.

In my case YouTube is a double tool:

  • First of all, it allows me to upload my health topic videos to a completely reliable platform, which is always available and provides my videos in all kinds of resolutions for the different devices used to view them (computer, tablet, mobile or SmartTV).
  • On the other hand has its side of social network, which makes it possible to contact directly with many people who otherwise would not know that I exist.

That’s why I’ve made a YouTube® channel where all my videos will be. Medicine is the main theme.

Do not expect me to make nonsense videos. Is not my style. If I want to be a reliable health youtuber and I hope people spend their valuable time watching my videos I have to respect them enough not to give them catches or coarse content or bullshit. Do not worry, I will never do that.

Where is this channel of Dr. Daniel González, the health youtuber?

Clicking on this words will get you directly to the cover of my channel. At the moment it already has more than 450.000 visualizations. And growing.

And I have already surpassed the 2.000 subscribers. And growing.

Haven’t you subscribed yet? Still do not know my channel? Well, do not wait any longer! Click on this link, and enjoy some videos of health content. Many more will come!