Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - Who Am I

Who Am I?

I am Daniel González, M.D. and I welcome you to my website.

I summarize in five words the most interesting of me: doctor, coach, blogger, youtuber and writer.

What do these five words mean? I explain:


Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - Medical ConsultsI graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Navarra (XXXV Promotion) and I became a Radiation Oncology Specialist after 4 years of Internal Resident Physician (MIR) at the Universitary Central Hospital of Asturias.

After completing three clinical masters:

and to carry out medical consultations, both in public hospital and in private clinics, for more than 15 years I think I have enough experience to be a reliable source of consultation and information.

More information about my activity as a doctor, Daniel González, about my medical consultations and the possibility of consulting your case with me here, on this same page.


Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - Coaching ConsultsThe coaching that I offer is an integral coaching that seeks to achieve a change at the level of character, not personality. It is, therefore, a permanent radical change. I do not seek at all the outmoded and short-term modification of appearance. That is what others do.

There are several areas of coaching: personal, couples, familiar, relational, professional and the more specific coaching for people who do sports or for those who are artist (music, plastic arts, and so on). Whatever you do or whoever you are, surely you have some field of your life you can improve. We’ll improve together.

More information about my coaching activity here, on this page.


Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - BloggerThe Blog that centralizes all the contents of which I occupy myself in my divulging activity I have it here, in this page of Daniel González, M.D. It contains an understandable, useful and practical disclosure about the topics that interest me in the field of health: nutrition and dietetics, cancer, and coaching (which contributes organic health improving psychological and experiential health).

With this I intend to fulfill a very simple maxim to state, but complicated to carry out: “Empowering people to be the best caregivers of their own health“. I will not give up until I get it.

More information about my activity as a blogger here, on this page. In the Healthy Blog of Daniel González, M.D.


Daniel González M.D. - Health YouTuberRecently I have started uploading my videos to a YouTube channel that is getting more and more acceptance, which I thank you from here.

The first kind of information I am uploading relates to cancer, because I’m an oncologist and that’s my main field of expertise.

But soon enough will appear videos of how the human body works, or how to interpret the symptoms we have because of any disease. The possibilities are endless!

I will continue to contribute new material to Daniel González M.D.’s channel to make it an increasingly complete source for consulting health issues in its audiovisual format.

More information about my activity as YouTuber here, on this page.


Daniel González M.D. - BooksAnd I can not end without commenting briefly on another of my communicating tasks: writing books.

Until a few years ago publishing a book was a little less than unaffordable task, due to the editorial complications involved. Now, in the 21st century, with the desktop publishing and online publishing platforms, it is a privilege to be able to write books with enough quality for someone to improve their health, to acquire healthy habits and, of course, to have a good time.

It depends on your benevolence that I have succeeded in the books I will continue publishing.

More information about my activity as a writer here, on this page.