Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - Breast Cancer Symptoms

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Mary is 45 years old. While she was having a shower, she felt a lump in her breast. She’s very scared.

Could this lump be a breast cancer?

Ann is 38 years old. Shaving her armpit she has noticed a lump, and has started worrying.

Could be this axillary lump a sign that Ann has breast cancer?

Martha is 65 years old. After being cured of a breast cancer 10 years ago, her lower back is in pain. She feels no improvement.

Could this back pain announce that Martha’s breast cancer is back?

I’m sure you know many cases like these. Breast cancer is, unfortunately, very frequent these days. And women need to know its symptoms if they want to detect it as soon as possible.

Watch the full video and the page, and you’ll learn how to distinguish the symptoms of breast cancer, allowing you to answer all your questions!

Let’s learn all about breast cancer and its symptoms!

Daniel Gonzalez M.D. - Breast Cancer Symptoms List

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