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Personal Coaching with Daniel Gonzalez M.D.

Let me answer the questions that are most likely being asked now in your head, regarding my Personal Coaching Consultations:

What is Dr. Daniel González’s Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching Daniel González M.D.To begin, a clarification: my “Personal Coaching” is not like that of others who practice it. I do not dedicate myself to giving slogans or trying to change the appearance so that, essentially, nothing changes.

My approach is the opposite: I try to help the person really change. To improve radically and to handle their problems in a serious way to solve them. My Personal Coaching job can not be written in a cup or a poster!

It is “Coaching” because it is about helping the person to optimize his personal characteristics with his own resources, infra or misused.

That is done with the person, not in spite of the person. It is not a work of counselor or therapist, in which the person is given a list of things that he has to do, yes or yes, and is told to get down to work unthinkingly and uncritically.

It is “Personal” because in this line of coaching I deal with the characteristics of the person in terms of their potentialities and challenges. There are other lines of coaching for problems and optimization of life in couple, family life, relationships with others in this web.

What is Dr. Daniel González’s Personal Coaching for?

My Personal Coaching Consultations seek two primary goals:

  1. The improvement of the personal characteristics of each individual, allowing their potential to be fully developed. It is about being better, and using better what you already have.
  2. The resolution of personal crises that grip us and that, in addition to generating stress and discomfort, prevent us from being as happy as we can be.

Who can benefit from Dr. Daniel González’s Personal Coaching?

Everyone can benefit from my Personal Coaching Consultations!

Who has no facet of their life to improve? Who does not have a personal problem they would like to solve?

No one can honestly answer “NO” to these two questions. That’s why you, dear visitor to the page, of course you can benefit from my Personal Coaching Consultations.

What are the different types of Dr. Daniel González’s Personal Coaching consultations?

I include here the list of the different types of consultation that I do, included in the Personal Coaching category. It is a list that will change over time, adding new types of query.

  • Overcoming personal crises
  • Overcoming worries, to enjoy life
  • Achieving your goals in life
  • Organizing Your Own Time
  • Increased motivation
  • Improvement and optimization of your personal potential
  • Improvement and optimization of your attention and concentration
  • Maintenance and improvement of your memory
  • Development and improvement of all types of intelligence
  • Effective Management of Your Anxiety
  • Effective management of your stress
  • Improving and optimizing your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improvement and optimization of your self-control

A consultation can be made for each of these particular types of personal work.

But if you need or want to improve on several at the same time, they can be grouped in the Integral Personal Coaching Consultation, which includes all those facets that you decide you want to work with me.

Where can you do Personal Coaching with Doctor Daniel González?

You can access my Personal Coaching Online Consultations from any part of the world. They are done through computer or mobile phone. Videoconferences can also be performed for personal face-to-face contact (rather, “screen-to-screen”).

Wherever you live, you can access my Personal Coaching Consultations. That’s why not improving or not solving your personal problems do not have the apology of the “this doctor is far away from where I live” anymore. I’m at reach with a computer keyboard or an smartphone.

How is Dr. Daniel González’s Personal Coaching done?

The procedure is very easy. There are 5 steps:

  1. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page
  2. Together we will study your case, exchanging information by email or instant messaging of the smartphone (Whatsapp®, LINE®, Telegram®, Viber®, etc.).
  3. With all this information we will decide what we are going to work
  4. I will elaborate the work plan with the temporary estimate of the duration that will take us, and with your personalized budget.
  5. You accept the plan and the budget, pay it using PayPal®, and we start!

Here is the form for you to sign up for Personal Coaching with me. Surely it is one of the best decisions you have ever made! It’ll confirm itself when we’re done.